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Our water truck
AKA "W2"

Introducing our exceptional W2 Water Truck, a reliable International 4300M7 outfitted with a Hamms-built backend. With a tank capacity of 2300 US gallons (8.5m³), this steel tank features a Hempadur 85671 coating, an NSF-approved protective layer ensuring the highest standards of water quality. The heart of the W2 lies in its Bowie SIGNATURE 2300 transfer pump, boasting an impressive 2" port size and a flow rate of 180 GPM. Whether for potable water delivery, dust control solutions, or other water-related applications, our W2 Water Truck is designed to deliver efficient and trustworthy performance. At The Water Boys, we prioritize excellence and reliability in all our equipment, and the W2 Water Truck embodies these principles to provide top-notch water services for our valued customers.

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